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Assessing strengths and weaknesses of new candidates can be challenging, especially online. Discover our online HR hackathon format that makes recruiting talent online easier, faster, and hassle-free.


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Recruitment, Motivation, Retention is a leading company in organizing online hackathons for the world's top brands - from McDonald's to AT&T to Visa. After 1,200+ hackathons organized in 40+ countries, we've found that nearly every HR Manager struggles with the following three problems:

  1. Quickly filling vacant positions with top tier talent
  2. Establishing corporate culture employees want to be a part of
  3. Retaining existing talent to stay committed to the company

Our hackathon platform solves these three problems, streamlining your online recruitment process.

Why an Online Hackathon?

The online hackathon format is the perfect combination
to reach HR objectives.

Recruit Top Talent
  • Attract and spot talent with a unique and fun setting
  • Maximize the quality of talent without physical restrictions
  • Pinpoint top talent live by monitoring the quality of work
Enhance Your Employer Appeal
  • Communicate unique hiring initiatives and available positions
  • Showcase an innovative corporate culture
  • Lead by example
Time And Cost Effective
  • Streamline profile selection
  • Quickly identify unique aptitudes and skills
  • Determine candidate interests levels and motivations

The Hackathon Timeline

We start your hackathon journey with a kickoff meeting. During this session, we gather stakeholders to define and agree on key aspects of the event.

This includes choosing a format, deciding on the profile of participants, and other aspects of the hackathon. You'll come away with a clear plan for success.

Once we've defined the key objectives of the event, the next step is production. During this phase, we recruit a dedicated team for your event.

Each member of your hackathon team will be briefed using a detailed cue-sheet going over the various deliverables required at the end of the event.

After your hackathon team has been mobilized, the next step is to recruit  targeted profiles and number of participants to join the hackathon.

Over the years, we've worked with over 10 million developers & innovators and ensure the highest quality talent will participate in the event.

Your event is live and you get to experience innovation in action. We manage everything, making sure your final objectives are met.

By the end of the hackathon, awards are handed out to winners and clear candidates rise to the surface.

Congratulations, you've successfully organized a hackathon event!

Afterwards, we collect and synthesize all the key metrics from the hackathon and debrief the whole operation to you. You'll come away with clear insights and actions items.

The Hackathon Platform

The online hackathon format is the perfect combination to reach HR objectives.

ROI : 2,231 talent gathered

Mercedes-Benz wanted to evangelize developers worldwide of their APIs and SDK, as well as grow its talent pool of developers in anticipation of a recruitment plan.

The organized a 2-month worldwide online competition, where participants were tasked to come up with innovative solutions around mobility and connectivity, using Mercedes-Benz’ technology. Participants submitted their projects a fully branded and tailored platform we provided, received feedback and attended training webinars from experts.

We managed the entire process from the website creation, challenge concept creation, PR/Communication, participant recruitment and follow up, webinars and judging process.

  • 2,231 participants
  • 500+ projects submitted
  • 3 winners

ROI : 24 quality potential recruits wanted to use the hackathon format as a first step in the hiring process of good quality tech talent. sourced qualified developers and designers for the event, in order to reach relevant and qualified participants. The challenge was to create mixed teams having programming/designing skills, as well as creative thinking skills, to build customer-focused solutions. The goal was to think about how transport, activities, events, social media and other devices can be combined to help improve the travel experience. Participants had access to APIs for their projects.

  • 24 participants
  • 5 projects

ROI : 40+ interviews in 3 days

Mbition (Mercedes-Benz Innovation Lab) wanted to recruit developers, designers, data scientists and DevOps experts in a short period of time. organized a 3-day CodeFest with coding challenges in Berlin. Each day,  new participants gathered to take on 2 challenges:
- 1-hour individual coding challenge
- 4-hour team sprint to solve the challenges the Mbition team faces.

Teams were composed of developers, designers, data scientists and devOps, as well as one Mbition team lead to overlook the challenge and evaluate participants. Throughout each day, the best profiles, recommended by the team lead, were invited to a 20-minute job interview with a HR representative

  • 110 participants
  • 40+ job interviews carried out
  • 2 participants hired

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Client testimonial IBM


Program Coordinator, Z Developer Ecosystem

Client IBMClient testimonial

A highly responsive, friendly and energetic company, eager to ensure that your event is a success. I love working with this team and thank them for a record breaking event this year!

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Group Commercial, Head of Mobile Apps

Client testimonialClient testimonial

I had reached out to to organize Vodafone’s first Global Hackathon and they delivered successfully across the board.
I look forward to more hackathons with them.

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Innovation  & Digital Leader

Client testimonial VinciClient testimonial has been organizing several hackathons and other open innovation events for our different entities. Their professional skills and high level of expertise is valuable and really matches our needs. Today, we’re collaborating with several startups that were detected during the hackathons managed by

Client testimonial Samsung


Global Director of Developer Relations - Samsung Bixby

Client testimonial SamsungClient testimonial

We worked with to launch the new Bixby, by hosting a Developer Showcase. The Developer Showcase unveiled new ways for developers to bring a more conversational, personal and useful intelligent assistant experiences to life. It was awesome working with the team and I plan to partner with them for future projects to attract developers to the Samsung developer ecosystem.


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