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Team Engagement, Agility and Effectiveness is a leading provider of best in class hackathons for some of the world's top brands, including McDonald's, AT&T, and Visa. With over 1,200+ hackathons organized in more than 40 countries, our expert team has ample experience within the digital event space.

In the face of global change, the value of virtual event hosting has never been more widely appreciated as remote work rapidly becomes the new norm. With this sudden change to traditional team structures, HR managers and Chief of Staff are facing new remote team challenges, including:

  1. Maintaining the key benefits of in-office work
  2. Increasing productivity, efficiency, and collaboration
  3. Retaining talent in a competitive environment

Our online hackathon platform offers an ideal solution to all of these concerns, streamlining virtual team building activities.

Why a Virtual Hackathon?

The virtual hackathon format supports numerous team-building objectives including:

Manifest Unique Corporate Culture
  • Instill organization's core values
  • Promote an inclusive environment
  • Transform employees into brand advocates
Engage Your Workforce
  • Nurture creativity
  • Rejuvenate team spirit
  • Reward outside the box thinking
Identify Your Intrapreneurs
  • Discover untapped skill sets and aptitudes
  • Uncover leadership qualities
  • Cultivate resourcefulness

The Hackathon Timeline

We start your hackathon journey with an online or in-person kickoff meeting.

During this session, we gather stakeholders to define and agree on key aspects of the event.

This includes choosing a format, deciding on the profile of participants, and other aspects of the hackathon. You'll come away with a clear plan for success.

Once we've defined the key objectives of the event, the next step is production. During this phase, we recruit a dedicated team for your event.

Each member of your hackathon team will be briefed using a detailed
cue-sheet going over the various deliverables required at the end of the event.

Your event is live and you get to experience innovation in action. We manage everything, making sure your final objectives are met.

By the end of the hackathon, awards are handed out to winners and clear candidates rise to the surface.

Congratulations, you've successfully organized a hackathon event!

Afterwards, we collect and synthesize all the key metrics from the hackathon and debrief the whole operation to you. You'll come away with clear insights and actions items.

The Virtual Hackathon Platform

The virtual hackathon format is the perfect combination to reach HR objectives.

Objective: Host a virtual team building event that would engage employees and fuel sustainably innovative changes throughout Walmart's business practices.

Collaborating with Walmart, organized a 2-day online hackathon where Walmart employees formed teams and submitted innovative projects to boost Walmart's sustainability, mainly concerning supply chain challenges. established and moderated dedicated Slack channels, and staff followed-up individually with Walmart teams to monitor progress, facilitate participant/mentor interactions, and ensure deadlines were met.

Teams uploaded their projects to the platform and created 4-minute video pitches viewed by the jury. Winners received the opportunity to represent Walmart at CAPSULE 2020, the world's largest civic hackathon.

  • 54 attendees
  • 19 mentors
  • 13 projects

Objective: Host a team building event, featuring the new AI team and the AI Centre of Excellence (AICOE) who collaborate with business groups and determine how to best use AI solutions while leveraging available data to make smarter business decisions. organized a 2-day internal hackathon for Air Canada, focussed on utilizing AI to improve internal processes, strategies, and models to generate AI solutions that addressed their business needs.

Primary resources included internal company and customer datasets, combined with tools and support from Microsoft Azure and Databricks.

  • 8 Teams
  • 10 Mentors
  • 8 Projects

Objective: Deliver a virtual team-building event via their AEEP program to give participants hands-on new skills training and find innovative ideas to solve internal problems. organized a 1-day internal ideathon for the automotive conglomerate in Paris, France, to generate new ideas on a predefined theme/topic.

The participants were a mix of Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi employees.

  • 58 attendees
  • 10 mentors
  • 10 projects

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We've worked with over 300 blue-chip clients, assisting in transforming employees into true brand advocates.


Program Coordinator, Z Developer Ecosystem

A highly responsive, friendly and energetic team, eager to ensure that your event is a success. I love working with this team and thank them for a record breaking event this year!


Group Commercial, Head of Mobile Apps

I had reached out to to organise Vodafone’s first Global Hackathon and they delivered successfully across the board. I look forward to more Hackathons with them.


Innovation  & Digital Leader has been organizing several hackathons and other open innovation events for our different entities. Their professional skills and high level of expertise is valuable and really matches our needs. Today, we’re collaborating with several startups that were detected during the hackathons managed by


Global Director of Developer Relations - Samsung Bixby

We worked with to launch the new Bixby, by hosting a Developer Showcase. The Developer Showcase unveiled new ways for developers to bring a more conversational, personal and useful intelligent assistant experiences to life. It was awesome working with the team and I plan to partner with them for future projects to attract developers to the Samsung developer ecosystem.

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